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Introducing World Trade Center Perth

Founded in 1970, World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is probably the first professional/social networking concept in the world. With membership of 360 strategically located centers in prestige locations WTCA is uniquely global. WTC branded properties are located in over 90 countries and are supported by 15,000 professionals who provide integrated reciprocal resources to service members. World Trade Center Perth is our newest Center.

World Trade Center Perth is a member of World Trade Centers Cyprus (WTCHCY) which is unique amongst the extensive membership of our Association. WTCHCY holds 15 licenses covering a vast area that spans Casablanca in North Africa to Sanaa in Yemen and beyond to Perth, Australia. We are proud of the multi-layered portfolio of services we provide such as the ‘signature’ service which involves office accommodation, conference and exhibition management and consultative business to business services. We are committed to promoting trade across borders for the benefit of trading companies and their countries and communities. Billions of dollars is generated annually through the WTCA network.

The WTC brand is well respected and recognised and delivers a flexible template for its members which are encouraged to develop their own products and services. The promotion of imports and exports within regions and the facilitation of trade opportunities is integral to the WTCA ethos. World Trade Center Holdings Cyprus holds the licence for Perth. It is a long established member and holds more licences than any other entity with 18 prominent locations throughout the world, including Perth.

Whilst we are waiting for our WTC home to be constructed in Perth we are still assisting our members in arranging the following:

Introductions to potential trade partners

Introductions to State Government and City of Perth representatives

Identifying suitable venues and assisting in arranging trade exhibitions for our members

Providing commercial intelligence and research for members

Arranging suitable accommodation


The World Trade Center Perth will keep you updated on our progress through our media page and the World Trade Association newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact Neil Kidd and/or Helena Worth for further details.